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Friday, 28 November 2008



so beautiful!!! great photos - looks like a wonderful day!


wow looks Gorgeous and great back drop!

bet you are glad you have no more frills to sew!

Will you continue to blog when you move?



Absolutely amazing effort - Ali's dress is a dream, so romantic and your wee girls look very cool in dresses they can wear again. And baby Grace ! such a sweet cuddly bubba. Like your black dress too !
(and please keep blogging!)


What beautiful dresses! You did a great job!


How beautiful everything is.Just gorgeous-glad everything went so well-everyone looks so happy. Good luck with the removalists-hope you manage to get some shut eye!


What an amazing wedding dress, looks like a lot of hard work! The girl's dresses are beautiful too, good luck with the move and everything!


I am glad that it all went well - the dresses you made look fantastic!! You all look fantastic!

I am just back from London and you are going to have a ball! There were so many Christmas activities going on - ice rinks at famous places, fun in Hyde Park....oh and one place I recommend for a wander in London - Borough Market - the most amazing food market!! It's open friday pm, Saturday and Sunday morning. Windsor will be a great place to be - far enough away from all the crush and crowds but in really easy access to it all! Hope the packers are good and don't break anything!!


OMG. All that swearing at the wedding dress was so worth it. That is one of the most beautiful looking weddings I have seen. Gorgeous.

Happy moving. Enjoy your new home, but don't forget us down here, will you?


what a dreamy dress!!

you're amazing. And your girls... soooo cute.

Happy packing now.


Everyone looks lovely!!!


All of you are looking gorgeous! It's amazing how you handle all this. Courage for the packing. I am looking forward meeting you in Europe.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

What lovely photos! I've just heard you are moving to the UK so I'm very excited - I can't wait to see what the Small People make of London! Maybe I'll even get the chance to meet you one day - my eldest daughter is still so inspired by your style of art and the lovely supplies you sent her! Good luck with the move. Lucy x


I love the wedding dress. All those pretty ruffles! And I love the flower girl dresses and the flowers and the little coronets. Even the grey clouds are lovely as they complement the pink so well.


Love the photo of Ali's bidal bouquet so much I have used it as a screensaver.!
All the very, very best with your move to the UK which must be happening very soon.
Will you do a farewell blog??
Know all of us around the world wish you and your lovely family safe travelling and a wonderful adventure while away. Take care.


My Sister is the best!!!! She worked so hard on my dress it was perfect, I loved it so much... I will miss her and my nieces soooo much xxxxx

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