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Tuesday, 10 June 2008



We aer a sticky tape adicted household too...oh and scissors, aghhh the scissors.

Nice to see your more regular posts.


Hedvig is looking good. I am sure Olga is going to love it!


the birds are lovely...
you're girl has grown... so much!

almost mrs. h

Of the three bird, the one on the far right is my favorite.
I think maybe he's worried that he can't dance as well as his friends and that they might giggle at him if he tries.
I can relate - like birds of a feather.
Thanks for sharing him!


Just wanted to join you, love your site.


Would like to know if anyone has a pattern for a preemie, baby cap crochet, she is only 1 pound 12 ounces, her head is about 9 inches around but I need to make it about 2 inches smaller, so it will have a snug fit. Nurses said I can only use baby weight yarn. Her name is Frankie, she's my neice born May 26, 2008 at only 27 weeks. She is 12 inches in length, so precious and struggling each moment for her life. Thanks Michele

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