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Sunday, 01 June 2008


Violet & Rose

She is one styling miss, that Miss Rose! Miss B will not be shown "the books" at the hairdressers until she is at least 21. If she finds out Rose was allowed to choose a style, I will have trouble on my hands!

By the way, I'd quite like that style myself ....


The mittens are great and they look fab on Rose (and I love her new haircut!) Have people not realised she is too old to be wanting to cut her own hair?????

Good for you getting back to the gym! I managed a run yesterday too - and I don't have the excuse of just having had a baby to have stopped me for the last few weeks! I am sure you'll feel all the better for it soon!


Oooh good on you - I need to haul my body out for a good walk/run or something - well done! I absolutely adore your daughter's hair - she is like a little pixie! What pattern did you use for the mittens as my oldest (8) gets terrible chilblains on her hands and I need to make some for her. Those are really lovely with the little frill.


Did the same people ask if she cut the fingers off her mittens? That Rose is just ahead of her time. She really is so gorgeous.
Fancy looking at the books.


Rose is so utterly gorgeous. The girl has style.

Thank you so much for the parcel that arrived a couple of days ago. The wool with all its myriad of beautiful colours is just stunning and I am having fun deciding what to knit with it. A cushion cover I think, or perhaps the start of a patchwork throw...


some people are so rude! I love the hair (and the gloves are great too). Congratulations on your bub. I admire the little things you make - I am learning how to crochet and I'm proud to say I have nearly completed my first granny square! I'll keep watching your things for motivation...


can so relate to the exercise...
i have been missing running for the emotional benefits more so than the physical ones.


Rose is adorable - the mittens are so cute and i do love her new haircut!! she's one groovy gal!!
Cant believe Grace is 6wks old already!


Love the mittens and the haircut is gorgeous! Exercise... what is that again? lol


You have a beautiful family! I love the fingerless mitts. Where did you get the pattern?

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