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Friday, 04 April 2008



[and tom has made about 5 little folded book-lets, thank you... :)]


It really is beautiful and I am sure it also sounds beautiful! I hope it is a calming tool for both you and the baby!!


It is beautiful, I think if I had a new baby in the house I would buy one too.
Very simple but lovely.

The girls look so delightful in their hats. Charlotte is looking a lot more like Rose as she gets older. They are adorable.


That pretty much rocks.

Bethel of Bethania

Ahha getting your little nest all ready - mustn't be long to go now by the sound of things - I used to cook like there was no tomorrow... Now I'm way past the 'having babies' stage but if I were to make a find like this I can assure you I'd be buying it to - for whom? me of course ... uuuum ohhhh plus I'm sure the Grandies would love it when they visited??? Also love how your chair turned out - if you can sleep in it go for it ... I remember those sleep deprived times. The girls hats look wonderful too - you sure have been on busy girl ... all the best ... OOroo ... Bethel


That is gorgeous! I've never seen anything like it before. I'm sure you'll both enjoy it!


so precious!! ive never seen anything like it - i bet it sounds just beautiful...


You´ve got the reason. It´s simply beautiful.


Love that musical globe thingy. I'll have to put it on my wishlist. I could do with a bedtime aria of the non-electronic kind. Love the chair renovation too, more like a restoration.


That toy is completely awesome. Completely.


Oh my... could that be ANY more perfect? Its just absolutely lovely. :)


Marrianne, you're having a gril right? whats the weather like there? oh! and this lovely music "thing" how can i get one, didi you buy it on the internet?


how beautiful! i may need to get this for my mister! i wish I could read German so i could figure out how to buy it! :)

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