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Tuesday, 08 April 2008



That bear is just lovely and I bet your kitchen smells wonderful with all that baking you've been doing. Not long to go now!!Take Care:)


Those waffles look great! It makes me hungry. And the polar bear is sweet :) Don't worry about the baby blanket.. Can't you see how productive you allready are! :)


Cute bear!

Now about these waffles...don't spose you're willing to share your recipe? I too have been searching for a good waffle recipe. I'm more about the corn waffles but maybe I can get to good savoury waffles via good sweet ones?!


The panda bear is so cute! Is there a pattern available?


You have been very productive. Maybe I need to have a baby so that I crack on and get some jobs done! (only joking)! I hope that all goes well with baby. :-)


great mitten link - and fingers crossed for you and babe. :)


The mittens are so cute, thanks for the link. Hope everything continues smoothly for you.


Such beautiful mittens!
I can't wait till I'm good enough to try making something like that!


I just wanted to send some good luck vibes to you and the littlest one! It sounds like you are in for quite an exciting arrival.


The weather is definitely starting to get me in the knitty mood, pity I'm so bad at it. Won't stop me trying...

Hope things go smoothly with bubs. Must be a bit of a worry, but sounds like you're both doing fine. Look forward to hearing 'the news' - hopefully not too soon.


Hi Marianne,
Thanks for your comment...I had been meaning to stop by here and say how I was looking through a cloth, paper, scissors and low and behold theres your little people. They look great in the mag..well done.
AND I didn't even know you were adding to your brood!! How long to go??


Sending good good thoughts for you and the little one!


I wish it was cookie week at my house. I also wish you and baby all the best. I'm sure she's growing stronger by the day with all those delicious treats courtesy of her mum/pastry chef. Love the bear too and the papillon rouge backdrop.

Miss Cinti

mmmm... waffles...


I'm looking for mitts like them for years. Unfortunately I'm totally untalented in knitting and so on. :-(
The polar bear is really cute ;).
I wish my mom would have made such cute stuffed animals for me :)
Have an nice weekend!


i love your little bear! sure to please your new little one.


First time I'am visiting your blog. These mitts are just great. Unfortenatly I can't knit. Just love your blog!!


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