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Friday, 15 February 2008



As usual, your Small People are just amazing! I hope that you find the creative burst to show us something new - but hey I never complain about eating ice cream so if you just feel like doing that then that is fine too!!


amazing collage!!!
i really really really love your work!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

That collage is gorgeous! Can't wait to see more - just try not to let the ice-cream drip on them! Lucy x


Sophie is just beautiful. I love your small people and have just spent a happy half hour smiling at them all. Do you still have card packs for sale?


Oh lovely and lucky Sophie! I have such a soft spot for your small people collages(as you know)!!! With mothers day not too far off i am hoping to make them with my class again this year-a bit younger kids this time! Oh yes, I've heard that ice cream is very good for your immune system!!!!


that little collage is so adorable...
you come up with the cutest things!

and mmmmmmm..
that looks good!


gorgeous collage! divine text. love it.


Very cute....Marianne(!) I need your address to send your package:)

Georgie Love

icecream not available in Victoria! :-(



I love Sophie! Like all of your small people.
Actually there is no words to tell how beautiful they are.


I love your collages and this one is wonderful!!! You also made me very hungry with this ice cream photo... thanks!!!!


ahh- such a lovely new collage! lucky sophie.
i hope you're doing well- those icecream treats look amazing!


Beautiful collage Marianne!

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