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Sunday, 13 January 2008



Beautiful Marianne. Can't you just imagine a little newbown head in that. Oh I love newborns. You must be getting clucky!


It's a beautiful little hat! Great colour.


Oooh it's so pretty!


So beautiful and just the perfect colour! Must learn how to knit this year. Thank you for sharing


I like your little hat! Very cute! I am knitting hats with Noro Kureyon at the moment and I love the stripes but I am a little worried that it will be itchy! Your yarn doesn't sound like it could be at all itchy!


Merci, Merci for the magazine. I'll send you my address straight away and the hat is too cute. I hope it all goes well or you and your family.


Congrats on your first finished project--and only 13 days into the year!! The only project I have finished is a Ringing in the New Year card that is now too late to use! Oh well, I'll stash it for next year. :) Your baby will be adorable in her lovely raspberry hat.


Cute hat! I adore the color...

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