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Sunday, 20 January 2008


Dorien Ruben

That bear looks so cute! Wow.
And those yarns look tempting indeed. I hope you get the time to start on your project.

Violet & Rose

He (or is that she?) is just lovely. Gorgeous yarn you've used and I love the proportions with the long arms and legs. And that gorgeous face ....


Oh my Gosh, that bear looks so great! Perfect for a new-born little one, and I remember the bricks strapped to the belly days, they were quite exhausting!


Ahhh, he's well cute! I love knitting little animals, there's something so cuddly about them isn't there :) Glad to hear your keeping well (despite the bricks!) xxx


Love that cute bear and the colours of the wool are wonderful-glad you are feeling great


I love those tonal colours. Beautiful for a blanket - I can't wait to see it.
Mr Bear is adorable!


gah...those colors are sooo pretty...
i can't wait to see!

and the bear could not be sweeter...


those colours are stunning!

(and you do look great by the way...)


The bear is really fantastic with a blanket on the neck.


the bear is gorgeous..and your bump is pretty imppresive! glad you are feeling more goddess like...so you should. The colours for the blanket look cooling and calm. I just made one for a baby thats due soon but went a little over the top with the colours...???


great bear, lovely face on him, he looks kind of semi grumpy and quizzical, but friendly, just like a bear should!


very lovely.


hi, this is an older post, so i am not sure you will get this comment... i can not find this pattern. do you still have it? could you share it will me? so lovely. thank you.

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