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Tuesday, 23 October 2007



Wow. I really love your basket just the way it is. It's got a lovely transient quality to it. I was walking to catch a train yesterday and passed a bird's nest under a tree and I momentarily thought about taking it with me and putting it on a shelf but it belonged where it was. The weaving in it was beautiful, with pieces unfinished but it was like it was meant to be that way. Beautiful.


I like it:D


A papier mache kidney bean sounds good to me! It's always good to try something new - even if it is just to find out that "it's not really your thing".....like me and weaving!!


i really like the shape you started with too- it feels 'light' and makes me think of a bird's nest or a beautiful hairdo. i'm jealous that you went away with a friend for a whole weekend to make baskets!

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