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Thursday, 30 August 2007



ok, i love maria callas... also BECK, CAKE, and this new guy James Morrisson... oh Annie lennox!!!!


i LOVE joanna newsom's songs, iron and wine, the be good tanyas, and i like working to classical music (debussy is my favourite.) i like your ipod- oh, how i would love one!


Try out some Fiest. She's gorgeous. And Broken Social Scene

Violet & Rose

I do a mean Wuthering Heights.

And sadly, almost tragically, I have a feeling that I am going to fall in love with every song that Marty sings on Idol from now until November.

So I guess I'm no help.

Unless you like a bit of Gene Pitney.

I warned you.


Try some Gonzales (my fave at the mo is Let's Groove Again, but not the mad lounge version), some of the Editors, Franz Ferdinand? I love Interpol and Stereolab (I love Miss Modular and Allures - very good chill in the sun tracks! You can see yourself with a glass of something very sophisticated. Just beware that their early stuff is quite marxist, but the sound is FAB) too :D Ooo, and some Depeche Mode too :D

I could go on about music forever...


How about The Shins or Arcade Fire or Belle and Sebastien - these are some of my favourite bands. Or how about Talking Heads or Echo and the Bunnymen - those would certainly be a blast from my past!!


My lord. Club Hoy - I seriously mourned the loss of that CD in the mid 90's and recently had it burned for me. Talk about how your memory plays tricks on you...I cant even sit through it anymore!!

Ipod advice : Detroit Cobras.

But I also think Ill be in love with Marty from Idol. Ill steal him from Jo.


Try some Dawn Landes, her song Straight Lines is so sweet but dark and Katie Nash is fun too. My current fav ipod track is My Favorite Things- classic.


I'm not sure if this helps but here are some melodies that have been stuck in my head this week.
Butterflies and Hurricanes-Muse
Set the fire to the third bar-Snow Patrol/Martha Wainwright
Read my mind-The Killers
Pur ti miro-The Coronation of Poppea (call me crazy but I love a good counter-tenor)
Kaplan thornhill-Something for Kate
Hope you had a fun day of baking!

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