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Saturday, 14 July 2007



The skulls are great! I am sure with your new dress the jet beads and the skulls are going to look good! Hope you are having a good weekend!


Hmmmmm!I do like skulls I must admit and I have a couple of amazing seagull ones that I found on the beach.However,I do find Julia's work a little eerie though-it sort of puts you out of your comfort zone and draws you in at the same time-Very clever and different.

Mel Adams

I have just read the latest issue of "Dumbo feather pass it on" and there is a story on Julia. The website for Dumbo feather is https://www.dumbofeather.com. It is interesting to read her view points behind her work.


There's some seriously frigtening jewellery on that website :P



Jennie McClelland

Go the skulls, i sell tonnes of products with skulls on them, sure they're a hit with boys who go for obvious skull fabrics, but girls of ALL ages love everything from the scary tattoo skull, dagger style pirate skulls to the Mexican Sugar Skull prints, in everything from black & blood red, to pink. My little princesses LOVE them. Happy skulls. Tally ho, love Posie


my mother has a strong bird phobia, so if you had worn something like that and sat next to my mum, she would have asked to be moved to a different seat I am sure.


Skulls with jet beads, that will look so glamourously gothic. The stuffed sparrow brooch isn't as glamourous but maybe if it had diamonds in its eyes.


ooooh not sure about the bird. a bit spooky.

Claire Falkingham

I wonder if the woman next to you on the plane is scared of Clowns?!!

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