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Sunday, 24 June 2007



Mmm...the ice-cream look so delicious and seriously tempting. Beautiful summer fruits!


I really don't know what any of those fruits are - apples and bananas that's all I know!! OK - strawberries and raspberries - the best berries grow in Scotland!! But the colours of the ice cream are just fantastic!! Sounds like you had a great trip! I am just back from Norway - no time to post properly till I come back from Woolfest this weekend!!


this sapote fruit is really beautiful, I would like to paint it...the soursop doesn't look like a friendly fruit at all ;)))


Oh my, how ignorante i must be, never heard of these fruits:(

I finally sent you the pacage, i am sure you'll get it in a couple of days!

much love and joy


So nice to catch up on your blog after so long away...you have been busy as always. interesting icecream flavours...never heard of them before. Sounds like a great holiday.


I have been there! From memory had a banana flavoured icecream. My sister lives between Mossman and the Daintree. Thanks for sharing :O)

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