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Monday, 07 May 2007


Violet & Rose

Well, guess who wants a pack of postcards? You are a doll!


Oh My! I can't wait for the second set:)


Congrats on your postcards selling so well!!!!!! They are all wonderful!!!!!!!

And...you have been tagged!! xx


Hello! Thanks for the photos of the Japanese craft - they have given my some ideas!! I think I have a similar problem to you - I am on holiday today and decided to tidy my yarn stash - I tipped all the boxes all over the floor - now there is a mounain - a yarn mountain on the middle of my living room floor - well not just the middle - spreading everywhere!

I can't wait to see the small trees and think I will need to get a paypal account set up so I can purchase the next set of small people cards!!


I have staples of books around my appartment, French, English, German, etc. But it is getting worse since I discovered the Blog community... Now the Japanese books are multiplying, too... and I would also need some more walls!


ack!! don't run out!! i haven't bought mine yet!!


thank you for posting those wonderful images fromt he japanese books- i am feeling very inspired for doing some embroidery and apron-making. That polka-dot one is calling my name.
And as for your postcards doing so well- I am not in the least bit surprised!


i have a problem housing my japanese craft books too. they are addicting. well i don't know where i have been but i just jumped over to your shop when i realize the small people postcards were on sale. luckily there was still some left. hooray!


Ooohhh, Japanese craft books.
These look fantastic!
Could I ask where you got them?

The postcards are really sweet.


I am so envious of your collection of Japanese craft books, they look wonderful! And hooray for more postcards!


These craft books look fantastic, where can you buy them in australia?
I also have my eye on your awesome wallpaper pieces...i love them...not to mention the smallpeople postcards!

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