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Thursday, 03 May 2007



Congrats on finishing this amazing series! I received mine in the mail this week and love, love them. Im glad I bought so many because if I had just bought one set I would not want to send any out (wink). I would be interested in some custom small people if you decide to go in that direction. Thanks for sharing them with us.


Congratulations on reaching 30! They really are the loveliest little creations, I am sure if you wanted to take them further that would be a great success.


i don't ever want them to be over...it's been so much fun. but how interesting you mentioned "custom" making them since i was wishing to myself JUST this afternoon to have one of my Peanut...something to think about. wish i could join you in that champagne and small people viewing...sounds perfectly relaxing.

Violet & Rose

Oh Ivy! We have little people in our house who steal the strawberries too. Still, it could be worse.

Congratulations. Well done! Beautiful work, as always.


Congrats on no.30! They've all been such a delight!


And to Portugal:)


I've loved them all, congrats on no.30 :)


Congrats on finishing the set! I like all your ideas - self-publishing a book, making custom ones, continuing to do them when you feel like it etc...


Congratulations. I have so enjoyed your posts. I have been amazed at your productivity. A true inspiration. Thanks for the journey. Look forward to more


Love them all! Please please publish a book, I already order one.


Congratulations on finishing the last Small Person! I've enjoyed each and every one of them!


Your smallpeople make me smile. Wouldn't mind if they'd continuing that...


Now - I would buy a small people book - they are so fabulous!! Enjoy your "small family" and your glass of champagne!!


Congrats on 30!!!
I think that the future of the 'small people' is very bright, so many possiblilities...ideas are running through my head as I type this to you, perhaps a personal email is in order.:)
I LOVE them terribly, and still am and always will be interested in commission for my children as 'small people'.
Keep ROCKIN' Mama, and keeping it real!


Yeahhh!! Congrats!! they are all so unique and wonderful small people....
Id love to buy an original, let me know when you put some up on Etsy!!


congratulations on your last small-person. i have loved watching the series evolve and seing a new one every couple of days has never failed to make me smile.
All those ideas sound great- can't wait to hear what you do with them.
p.s. i love my postcard pack, and can't bear to send any away- thank you!

Tiel S-K

well now that you think you have finished, how do you feel about being commissioned to do a one or 2 for me? I would love one of both of my children or one each. There is no rush, but when you are ready email me and if you are interested we can exchange details. you have created such a fantastic collection of works.


Congratulations. I love my postcards!!


A book sounds like a fabulous idea! Congratulations on a wonderful series, and how exciting that your postcards get to travel so widely.

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