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Monday, 21 May 2007



congratulations, marianne! i cannot even comprehend doing something like that. honestly.
so i hold you in high regard. it must be such a great feeling to know you've done it. and those photos are amazing!


Amazing! I could never do it. Lovely photos too!


Congratulations!!!! such an amazing feat!! Im panting just reading this post!!!!


Congratulations, you must be feeling very proud :)

Lisa Gill

Congrats and keep up the good work, Looks like a beautiful area to run. You can do anything if you try!!!!



Congratulations! A great goal to have achieved.


well done! i was thinking about doing the melb 'run to the G' half marathon but think i haven't been doing enough training... did the 'run for the kids' 16km okay a couple of months ago but slack with no daylight saving! good on you, though! great effort.


Congratulations! I am so impressed. I watched my husband run his first marathon yesterday - he was so relieved he finished in just less then double the time of the winner.


What an acheivement. That's awesome, Marianne.


Sure puts my measly 5km Race for Life yesterday in the shade!! Congratulations!! It's a great feeling to finish a half marathon! One thing the 2 I have done taught me is that I never want to run a marathon!!!

Well done again and your girls should be proud!


that is something to be proud of!


Congrats!! That's one of the things on my list to accomplish during my thirties, lol, maybe giving myself another 9 years will help it get done!!


You should be proud... congratulations!!


**congratulations!!!*** that is so amazing!! i am completely spent after running for 30 minutes so i cannot imagine doing a half-marathon :) what a fantastic accomplishment!

stephanie s

congratulations! what a wonderful accomplishment.


congrats!! I don't think I could ever do something like that, I'm not a runner but I admire you so much!!


Well done and and congratulations on a pair of strong legs that will carry you long distances and many years! Whoo hoo hoo!


Well done! You may squash easily but you have wonderful endurance. Good on you!


Bravo! Bravo!
Amazing Race girl!
I would have been lucky to even make it TO the second lap!
Sounds like you had a blast!


I only recently managed to wheeze around 4km's for the mother's day classic - a half marathon - oh.my.god. I'm very, very impressed. Hey well done on the mention in the Age on the weekend too. well deserved.


Hey well done, I could never get that far!


Congrats on completing the half-marathon. It's such an incredible goal to achieve, well done!


Congratulatons!!! well done...what an achievement. I couldnt run to save my life - Im so bad!!!

tash at poppyseeds

thanks so much for the inspiration, i needed that as i am planning my first 'city to surf fun run' at the moment. i so want to get more fit and am actually starting to really enjoy running, after never going near it for years, and saying to people that 'i dont like running' or even ' i hate running'. so things can change! well done marianne all that hard work paid off!


A bit late but I did want to say congratulations - what an awesome effort!


that's so GREAT!! i used to run marathons too...pre-child days. it's just not fitting into my life right now, but i have high hopes of that changing one day...i miss my long quiet runs. :)

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