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Thursday, 10 May 2007



haha bananas make me gag too! how strange...I do love my banana cake and smoothies though
oh and evaporated milk in tea is heavenly...so guess Im weird too!

Belinda Kwan

Oh how exciting! I've been tagged.....will get to work on that tonight!


a very fascinating list! :) i am with you on the water... yesterday my bottle cap melted in the dishwasher and my peace of mind melted right along with it.

tash at poppyseeds

This is gonna be too much fun - I cant wait to play tag Marianne. i cant believe it - i drink Dandelion coffee everyday and have for years - I love it! I make it weird with soy milk though - eeeeeuuuyyyuuurrrk!

samantha Tassie

I love these little insights - very nosy of me I know, but it is fascinating. I too can sleep anywhere, but waking up is just plain ugly!


Hey was that little hint at the end there meant to mean it is/was YOUR bday?????? IF so Happy Birthday! If not, silly me I'm not much good at riddles!


Dandelion tea? I'm intrigued. How do you make it? Or where do you buy it? My grandmother used to make dandelion wine...


i cant believe you havent been tagged until now..loved reading these little bits about you!!!! xx

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