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Friday, 11 May 2007



Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, someone beat me to it! I just googled Bono's birthday and see it was yesterday. Happy belated. Hope you had a good one.


Hope you had a great day, Marianne!
Happy Belated Birthday!


oh no, i missed your birthday!
happy belated birthday! hope you have a nice glass of wine to go with those (beautiful- even if they are flat!) meringues. x

Belinda Kwan

Happy Birthday Marianne!!! Now I wish I hadn't rambled on in my email last night.
Mmmmm, those meringues still looked like they would have tasted good.


oh... your "buttons" must be delicious anyway:)

Sandrine (alias Didine ♥ )

Hello sweetest of the sweetie :) I'm sooooooooo sorry for not writing you more often ! I hope you'll forgive me and I apologize down on my knees because I missed your birthday !! Happy Birthday belated :) I hope you're fine !! Do you know Meringues are my favourite sweets ever on earth ! I promise, I swear !!! But I really don't know how to make them and the recipe of your friend is in english so I don't well understand the ingredients (castor what ???? I didn't know meringues were made with castors LOL) and how did you put the pink colour in them ???? well another you must learn to me : crochet :) I'm sad I'm the last one on earth who can't crochet ! Smooches from Belgium :)


Happy belated birthday, I think your meringues turned out pretty -anything pink is lovely. Love your tags.


happy belated birthday!! :)


Happy birthday!! I hope you had a good day! I love your button meringues and hey who cares what they look like as long as they taste fabulous!! My mum makes the greatest shortbread - and it's so easy except when I try to make it, it can go in the oven for 2 hours and still not be cooked....I just don't have it in me to make great shortbread. I am sure I would be a complete disaster at meringues!!

Miss Marzie

Happy Birthday Marianne. I am so glad you tried out my recipe for pink meringues. Keep going - you have identified all of your mistakes - I can tell that you haven't beaten the mixture for long enough - but they still look just as beautiful and probably taste just as good. And, of course they are pink. Please let us know how you go next time you attempt them.


Happy Happy Birthday. Hope you had a good one. I'm sure that the two redeeming features of those meringues, the fact they tasted great and of course were pink, were all that mattered in Rose and Charlie's eyes. Have a happy Mother's Day tomorrow.


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