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Sunday, 15 April 2007


Miss Marzie

I have been drooling over that fabric from Superbuzzy for ages - just wasn't sure what to do with it. What are you going to make with it or is it just because you had to have it?
Love your apple designs too!!


I thought that apple design was a fabric you bought when I first saw the pic and I was going to go straight out and buy myself some too! It's fabulous.

Okay lady, we're really going to have to do that book.


Definitely worth it!


That apple pattern to TOO CUTE!


Great apple fabric, you'll have to get it printed!!!
Have you seen Kirstens fabric over at Cheeky beaks? She's always getting stuff printed up and it always looks fabulous!
Love your Small people too.

claire falkingham

Thanks so much for the link to superbuzzy, I've been dying to get some japanese textiles! Love the apple print too.

claire falkingham

I'm nost sure how that happened, but my comment just appeared with the Kirsty's name with it ..... so what she says!


that superbuzzy fabric is so good... i succumbed to the same one in green :) and i love your apple fabric! so so cute!


Hmmm..time to take a look at Superbuzzy offerings!...Those are too cute to resist!

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