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Wednesday, 07 March 2007



I love the red fish bag. Did the embroidery take you a long time? I'm afraid I wouldn't have the committment to make something so lovely.
And the handmade book... that's it, I'm enrolling in a book course this week.
Get better soon, Rose!


Is that my book?? Is it??? Oh, pleeeeease...


How wonderfully you've been embroidering the fish! So many stitches... It will be a beautiful bag.


the fish embroidery is FAB!!


That is a very beautiful bag :) Love white and red combinations.


Beautiful fish Marianne :) and your first note (congrats)to the teacher made me laugh!!! xxx


super gorgeous fish bag. it's delicious. really! i want one. my embroidery skills are questionable though. i may have to do better though and aspire to make one of my own. thanks for sharing such an inspiring project!


That bag is lovely--the fish's fin seems to almost stand off the fabric.

And the book. . .

And the illustration . . .

Sigh. You're amazing.




Leah Adams

Love the koi. Masterful embroidery.

Leah Adams

Love the koi. Masterful embroidery.


Love the bag!!!
In fact THIS is how I found you. I was searching online for other embroidered bags to compare to my own. I bet your litte thumbs hurt after this one:) Beautiful and amazing technique. Look forward to seeing more!

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