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Monday, 26 February 2007



Those bean bags are so cute!!!!!
Cant wait to see pics of your book making workshop!


oh, they're my lovely new possessions, I still can't believe my luck! The frogs have already been a huge hit with the little ones, they too like to aim them towards buckets and baskets, seeing if they can get them in. Thank you again, M xx


those frogs are adorable! Lucky Arlo and Keira! And that bag is absolutely beautiful too! How did you make it? Is the bottom piece a basket?
It won't be tooo long before M can break out the scraf, it's much cooler this evening than it has been in weeks!


Is there anything you cannot do! So talented and love that scarf...gorgeous!

Counting Mermaids

Ooh, I want to see your book. I used to do some japanese stab binding, but I haven't in ages. I wish I had more time...

I'll check out Primrose. I'm interested in the dowel spine books, actually...


Those frogs are cool, I'm always looking for quick gifts to make for my nephew and other kids, and for ways of using scraps! Would you say they are safe for a one year old? Or better not with rice in them?


They are all such beautiful gifts!! The bage is especially gorgeous!


Hi! I just found your site via Tiny Happy! I love it, i will definatly be visiting often. I love your tutorials. The skirt is so cool.


I do love those crochet scarves you make!


I just LOVE everything;)


Michelle at Scribbit

The frogs remind me of the Frog and Toad books. How cute!


everything is wonderful,
but oh! those frogs!
how cute!


Hey I recognize the frogs :))
They're wonderful, I must make some for my children too!


Very, very nice scarf! It would be lovely to have them in a zillion colour combinations, to match all my outfits! (not that I am a fashion victim, but I think you know what I mean)!


Everything looks great, I especially love that scarf.

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