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Friday, 03 November 2006


counting mermaids

I haven't forgotten you, I've just been away and busy and kind of crap at keeping up with blogs and trades.
I'd still love to do a meet-up/trade, if you're still interested, and I'm definitely interested in 'Great Knitted Gifts' and 'Simple Knits for Easy Living' and maybe 'AlterKnits'
How much would the three be? Or, if you're interested in swapping, let me know how much they would be and I can give you that much worth of hand spun or make up up a learn to spin kit and give you free lessons plus the remainder in yarn or whatever you like.

counting mermaids

Hmmm... actually, is the knitted motifs book any good? I'm not that much of a knitter, really, I can't do fair isle or anything, but mumsie can and it might make a nice gift...

Can you tell I love books way too much? I've just cleared out my studio this week and I KNOW there isn't any more room for art or craft books, but will I let that stop me?


Hmm... you know, I think that You should see if those books are selling at all on ebay already and look at the interest. Also, does AMazon Aus. sell used books? Post them there!

Otherwise, sell them on your site, or on craftster or something. OR... if there's something out there that you really want, yeah - do a swap!

I guess that didn't help much, eh?

I wanted to show you the second flower scarf that I've finished:


and me wearing it.... SURPRISE!: http://www.flickr.com/photos/persephonesawakening/287283569/

I found that if I attached the flowers by crocheting them through eachother as I'm going, they stay attached a LOT better!


Oh, your calender swap is looking lovely. It makes my pages look very basic. I'm afraid I'm not too creative when it comes to paper ....


OOh calandar pages...i spot some hebrew in there!!! Ive finished my May ones too!!


you are too good with the calendar pages. i need to get to mine soon...the inspiration just keeps coming and going . yours looks great.

Tiel S-K

the pages are looking great. I used some of your goodies from the paperpack I bought. Had plans to finish this weekend, but never got there.

sorry, i'm not a knitter, can't help you with the books.


great looking work!

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