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Monday, 16 October 2006



Love the fish embroidery, it'll make a stunning bag. I sympathise with the filling out of the form...I often have to get help here.


lovely, lovely, as always.


I'm with you on the go to bed early bit ...


Oh such a beautiful fish!!!!!!!! love the list...can you sing?! :) i think the only one on the list that counts for me is walk briskly!!!


i love the Koi fish pattern. gorgeous! can't wait to see what you do with it.


oh i love that to do list. i may have to print it out and live by it.

love the embroidery. i'm a lil intimidated by this craft. i've tried it and i have patterns and everything, but i don't know how to do a lot of the stitches.


i love the shape of the tote with the dolls on it. I've attempted to make a few totes in a similar pattern/cut, but they don't turn out ats nice. I guess I need to use thicker fabric!


Wow! Love the embroidery, Love the crochet!

Tiel S-K

I love your fish...I actually scrolled down and thought it was still an image from the book. Well done. Show us more, show us more.


wonderful list to live by.

you have been quite productive. the fish is amazing!


Oh, your stitching is gorgeous!
And, that list cracked me up. I'm imagining myself trying it with my 2 extremely active youngsters. "Listen girls, couldn't you just try clapping softly? Huh? Please?" :-D


heheeee yyyyyyy fffffffffffffff


Do You have a link back to the beautiful Koi pattern. you did such a beautiful job with it.

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