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Wednesday, 25 October 2006



can't wait to see the results...
looks very promising so far!


Especially that linen looks like a fabric that would go on a looooooong vacation in those certain regions of my shelves I normally only dream about but never touch...
Congrats on the cutting, that was brave!


congrats on cutting into your treasured pieces- I know what you mean about the difficulty of cutting into them, but I'm starting to feel quite comfortable doing it because I feel as though I'm sort of 'showing it more love' if that makes any sense. Like by using the fabrics, I'm putting them out there in the world for more people to see and enjoy, rather than keeping them secret...


Im the same! I keep buying it but never really use it to make stuff - I keep saying ..'Oneday'.. still love all my vintage fabric pieces though.


I know exactly where you're coming from - I have a very separate pile in my rather extensive collection of fabric (I'm what you may call fabric-obssessed..) which is solely dedicated to my vintage fabric - the pile keeps getting bigger and bigger because I seem to be only adding to it and not using any of it..I do have somewhat of a rule about using vintage fabrics which makes me feel better about using some of these one-of-a-kind special pieces of fabric: I try and use them in home decor items such quilts, blankets, cushions which I know will most probably have a longer life then say, a piece of clothing...Your blog is a new discovery and I'm enjoying reading it!

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