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Tuesday, 10 October 2006



I failed typing at school! I kept looking at my fingers. The doll is kind of groovy.

Tiel S-K

i love that doll...I think 'it' has great potential. go with the alien thing. Little boys will certainly like it.


You're a wonder! Love the typewriter and well, the buttons .....


The doll has potential !!! I create so many that just don't!!! Clothes or no clothes. Your toys looked fantastic at the Morphe opening. I had a toy named Claude aswell!!!!


Oh I just adore those vintage buttons, especially the little birds! And I agree the doll has loads of potential.

Shinderpal jandu

The Aliens have landed.
Reminds me of a fellow who repeatedly kept calling up Art Bell in his distinctive raspy voice.
"Art - I live by the river and almost every night there are UFOs... project blue book.
... Art Bell - this is the proof...."
"Art I have it figured out why the UFOs are coming. I live by a home for wayward girls....the ufos are there for the girls ovaries and uterus.:
Turns out the UFOS were the reflection of the halogen lamps from the parking lot of the girls schools onto the river .

Shinderpal Jandu
Vintage Computer Manuals

claire falkingham

I like the doll - the necks are hard to get right on once peice dolls, and how did you manage to stuff her so evenly? She'll look fantastic in a really eccentric dress - lots of trim and flounce!!


wonderful doll- it's nice to see such an original one (one piece? how did you do it?!)
And the buttons are divine... you find the best vintage stuff!


what i remember most about typewriters is how mcuh it hurts to hit the keys! but the alien... how'd you do that?


i just picked up another typewriter the other day. it is so cute in style i just had to get it. my justification was that Alena could have it when she was old enough to enjoy it...

your doll looks cute and i am sure that it will just look better with clothes on.

enjoy your time with the girls.

Max Rubin

The "Alien " with the starry eyes is great !!



I just love his long arms and legs, and his eyes are so sweet!

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