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Friday, 20 October 2006



Knitting Nancy! I used to have one of those and it's name was Knitting Nancy. I made placemats for everyone one Christmas. Just kept coiling them round, and around, and around ....
I think I have a calender theme worked out. I just need to pull it all in together.
And try what I do. Stack all your fabric in the apple boxes from the f&v shop and have them all over your bedroom floor. This is a sure fire way to stop the fabric from falling on your head and injuring you. Pure genius, I know.


I had a cotton reel french knitter too. I loved it! Good luck with the fabric sorting. What I want to know is why I never find good stuff like that in my second-hand stores?


beautiful, beautiful fabrics. I love that loose weave floral, and is that some barkcloth hiding in there too?

Sweet photo of your wee one with her knitting nancy. Pure concentration! I'm looking forward to our swap, let me know when your to-do list has calmed down a little though!


oh i need to get on with my thought on the calendar!

wonderful finds and best of luck with the purging. know that there is always room at my place for more fabric. or is that true? i know that my piles of 'stuff' are ever growing. i think i need to do some purging of my own but that would require unpacking and that just is not happening yet.

best of luck with your tasks. the knitting looks like a lot of fun.


what a concentrating little cutie
and that fabric looks gorgeous!

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