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Saturday, 16 September 2006



Hmmm...fairy rings...nope, I was a Campfire Girl, so no fairy rings here. But Im loving the Brownie!!! Ive seen many mushrooms lately and yours is so cute with the little owl taking a break atop.


hmm...i was a brownie, but i don't remember! oh well, i was never very good at brownieness.


I was a Guide, which really means I was a loser. All is remember is a bunch of odd girls and calling eachother Australiana names.


Isn't a fairy ring where you plant a ring of flowers for the fairies to come and visit ???


Let's see, a fairy ring is actually what grows after a tree dies. Because the roots are still in the ground, mushrooms grow in a ring around where the tree use to stand. They call it a fairy ring because the fairies supposedly come and sit on the mushrooms and have their gatherings. (We have a pretty good one in our yard and I love telling my daughter stories about it!) But I don't think this answers your question. I was a Brownie in the 70's and I think I had a ring, or maybe it was a pin. But I don't remember any "fairy ring" thing.


good luck with finishing the toys..can't wait to see them.


great brownie card! i scored awhile back the handbook. i love it!


I was a brownie for a very short time. And I mean extremely short, like about 2 weeks or so. What can say, brown just isn't my colour. Anyhoo, my sister was a long-term brownie, and I have a vague memory that the fairy ring was the circle they sat in. Maybe there was a song or something to go with it.


i always wanted to be a brownie
but sigh,
never was one.
so i can't help you.
although i would have very much
liked to say
that i knew what it was...



i'm just reliving the brownie experience with my daughter and its set me about looking for the stuff from my time to share with her. i love the brownie card gorgeous.
thanks for the sneek peek your dolls look fantastic

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