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Monday, 28 August 2006



I'm sure whatever you make and send will be fabulous!
Love the little purse.


I can't wait to see what you send, I adore your soft toys.

Lovely crochet and felt! I am in love with those SWEET little doves you embroidered...


No real artist without that angst, I am sure.
Finished stuff always looks impressing - as wil yours, Marianne!!!

Love your apple!


You have no reason to worry - your work is always beautiful!!! It is normal to feel like this ;)
Cant wait to see what you make!


i am certain
that what you have planned
will be amazing.

and i love love love that little bag,
too cute!

sandrine alias didine

Hello ! I'm happy that I found by chance your blog !! I love it ! I wish you a nice day and hope to read you soon ! Big smooches from Belgium ! PS would you like to teach me how to crochet ?!!! :)


Hehehe - it is a trap looking at what other people are doing for their swaps. Giving inadequacy sets in - but body combat looks like it might be a good way to get rid of it!

Your gifts are just lovely - if I were involved in this swap, yours are the kind of gifts that I would get giving anxiety about! [Especially the gorgeous gorgeous purse. : ) ]


love the apple and the pouch :)

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