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Wednesday, 02 August 2006



Why thank you! Guess whose just been shopping?

simple me

You know I love patterns and fabrics and these are just a good virtual addition to my list...can't afford the real thing :)


Samples!! cool!!! perfect!! thanks for the tip and link!
i love their stuff - they even make clutch bags out of her fabric designs - beautiful!!
Id love a feature wall with the silver blossom and bird designs!! sigh!!!


Im on my way to that site straight after my bloglines reading of the day!! Yippppeeeeeeee.....


wonderful link and such a great idea. i used to get remnant samples of fabric a few years ago but for some reason stopped they are very useful and a lot cheeper. i will need to make a nice order once my move lets me. the good news is we are getting closer.

Tiel S-K

thanks for the link. There is a movie out about her life, showing at the Dendy theatre in Brisbane soon. Very timely.


Thanks for the link! I've had a drool over that site before but I didn't see the samples button! I've just gone and ordered some!


The thought house wallpapered in her patterns makes me buy lotto tickets each week in perpetual hope. I think this is a lovely alternative - maybe I can recover the 4 dollars worth of the sofa.


pretty pretty indeed
love the colors


thanks so much for the link- i 'NEED' some!


They have sample sales a few times a year and you can buy by the metre for $40... a bit better than $148.

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