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Sunday, 23 July 2006



I quite like the big pouty lips and the eyelashes !!!


Your scarf is fantastic - love the texture and different shades!!
And the paintings are lovely!! Especially like the orange/yellow phase!!


oh a week away now that is the life. as for the scarf it is amazing and i love the colors but could not think of putting it on right now even if someone were to pay me we are dripping in sweat from the heat.
rose is quite the artist. i love the paintings she is doing, the augmented figures are quite interesting. enjoy the clear blue skies.


#1. i love the blue sky through the trees photo...i have something about trees, some kind of love for them...heh.

#2. the colors in the scarf are gorgeous! i love love love the green! so pretty and happy looking!

#3. teehee about the bosoms. and i am also, um, aerodynamic, so , heh, i know whatcha mean

#4. the paintings are too funny!


Hi, I'm new to reading your blog (came via sadieandlance) and just wanted to say I love that scarf! Colours are fabulous and the 'design' is so funky. Well Done!

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