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Friday, 16 June 2006



what fun!! What fun!!
Happy to be in the draw. Im loving your jungle illo - inspiration can come from anywhere.

OK one of my favourite songs to hear while chilling, drawing, crafting, kniting etc is
Style Council's 'Your the best thing'
The whole 'Cafe Bleu' CD is great! (showing my age here)and I love their song 'Shout to the Top' for a feelgood song!


I like your illustration. Oh, another song that is fun to listen to and has a good beat, either for running or not, is Bang Bang by David Sanborne. Yes, he's a saxophonist, but this song actually has words and a good beat.


Very pretty fabrics! Thanks for offering to give stuff away "just because"!


Wow! You really are like a fairy godmother. Just because- can actually be a good thing. Music I like to listen to lately are soundtracks from Bollywood movies. It's wild- try it, you might enjoy it. Your jungle illustration is fun .


Style Council - how did I forget that one? Especially because I was reminiscing yesterday on Blue Thursday about Blue Monday and New Order, and my best ever New Order song, Bizzare Love Triangle. Alison at 6.5 st and I were reminiscing over Thompson Twins and Tears for Fears. Lovely wallpaper and illustration too.


I'd LOVE to be in the draw!! Thanks for the opportunity.
I'm a big Tori Amos fan, her cd Scarlett's walk is my favourite.


love the illustration,
heehee, too cute...

and if i had to give you my
favorite song at this very moment
and not lie to try to make myself look
(heh heh)
i am going to have to admit
that i have been singing
jackson by joaquin phoenix and reese
ritherspoon, yes, from the soundtrack
to walk the line
at the top of my lungs
in my best twangiest voice
for about two months.

i said it.
i'm a looooooossser.


great great idea...
"random acts of art"


Count me in - that wallpaper is fantastic!


Thanks for the draw- sorry I can't pick just one song to recommend right now. Maybe I'll think of one for tomorrow.


How generous and what beautiful things! That's the way to root out lurkers like me.


I love your illustration! I din't deserve to receive the package as i've already had something fabulous from you but i recommend 'Erykah Badu-Apple Tree'

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